Take CAre of animals

RE: THREE dogs being left two hours-plus in an overheated car. Leaving dogs in locked closed cars for lengthy periods during hot weather is happening too frequently lately, resulting in several deaths.

Even two police dogs died and this is due to neglect by the owners or handlers.

When you own a dog or handle one as a professional it is part of you, like family, and I fail to see how people can just leave them in a car and forget about them, particularly in hot weather.

So when animals are found to be obviously distressed, as were the three dogs in this latest incident the police or dog warden should have smashed a window immediately to rescue the dogs as they had no idea where the owner was or when they would return. The owner should also be prosecuted and until such action is taken this type of incident will continue to happen.

Charles Agar

Former RAF Police Dog Handler

Former RAF Inspector of Police Dogs

The Grove , Seamer