Take your rubbish away

Having just returned from a walk with my dog down to Cloughton rocks, I was deeply offended to see the amount of rubbish thrown about everywhere by selfish people.

Beer cans and fish and chip boxes etc, littered the beauty spot that many people go to enjoy and are very proud of.

It disgusts me that people can be so ignorant of the damage they’re doing by sheer laziness. Children, dogs and wildlife can easily cut themselves on their disregarded remains, spoil the countryside and anger people such as myself. No, there is no bin, but this does not give you the right to toss away your remains for someone else to deal with. This idiotic act takes a second to do but has a much longer damaging effect.

If they have the energy to carry it down with them they have the energy to carry it back with them. Or maybe the alcohol consumed has knocked any remaining brain cells or common decency out of them.

Lucy Lowe

Cloughton High Street