Teddy Boys’ picnic in comparison

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I have read the three letters from Messrs Braithwaite, Jenkins and Thompson. I simply wonder just where Mr Thompson resided in those ‘Teddy Boy’ days.

Those days were like a garden tea party compared to the youth of today and the damage and destruction they cause now. One only has to look at the recent student demonstrations in London, the so called ‘race’ riots in Bradford, this weekend’s troubles in Tottenham to see quite clearly the problems are far worse now than they ever were in the past.

Mr Thompson talks about National Service, only those who were not in apprenticeships went into military compulsory at 18 years of age, the rest went in at 21. Be it a ‘big war’ or a ‘small war’ is irrelevant.

I went into the RAF in 1960 after completing my apprenticeship and enjoyed every last minute of it as a RAF police dog handler. That said some loved it and some hated it with a passion as two years forcibly taken out of their lives.

Certainly in Scarborough there were like any other city or town in the 50’s and 60’s problems with youth but certainly not on a scale of anything like today. I know I was part of it. Mr Thompson has a very blinkered outlook on those years to even suggest they were more problems than now, possibly he was by then in the military which would have cocooned him from the outside world.

I would suggest there are more incidents of drunkenness, vandalism, fighting, burglary and last but not least drugs that happen in a week even in Scarborough than happened in three month in the 50’ and 60’s. Now when you get to the big cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester we are then sadly into gang warfare’s and murder, a rarity in the 50’s and 60’s.

The PCSO has less powers than a traffic warden and the police are a rarity to be seen walking in Scarborough.

Mr Thompson throws a lot of smoke screens up with parish council reports and other quoted reports. Messrs Braithwaite and Jenkins have got it how it actually was and I would suggest how 90% of others would see it.

Sadly the feral youth of today spoil it for the decent youth of which thank goodness there are more of. Mr Thompson should maybe spend a late Saturday evening round St Nicholas Street, St Thomas Street and Westborough when I am sure his opinions would change.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue