Teds were mischievous not vicious like today’s gangs

RE: MICK Thompson’s letter on local vandalism

I read Charles Braithwaite’s letter (Letters July 28) on local vandalism and agreed with much of what he wrote. Presumably we are of a slightly earlier generation than Mick Thompson and therefore are more aware of what behaviour was like in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

There certainly was more mischief than outright vandalism then and to my knowledge the Teddy Boys were not as vicious as modern gangs. They didn’t usually go around stabbing people or kicking their heads in just for a laugh and drugs were not a problem then either.

Admittedly there were very few cars parked on the streets in those days which attracts a lot of vandalism now but neither did we have the wrecking crews going around places like Peasholm Park and the Spa garden areas.

We didn’t have night clubs then and pubs closed at 10.30pm (last orders at 10pm), so we didn’t have the alcohol related fights or vandalism to contend with at 3am onwards as we have now; most of which is never included in police statistics.

Brian believes that because few cases of vandalism are reported in the Evening News, there can’t be many but not all incidents are newsworthy, so are not printed and how many cases are never reported because the victims know that the perpetrators are unlikely to be found and if they are prosecuted it is unlikely that they will be made to pay compensation.

He also reads the Friday edition’s report on Parish Council meetings at which a police office or PCSO gives details of crime in the area. Well so do I and I have also been a member of the Community and Police Liaison Committee for several years so I get to hear a lot more than he does.

I don’t believe Charles Braithwaite intended to blacken the names of all today’s youth and neither do I. Mick’s job as Scarborough Athletic Club’s press officer is to promote youth in the best light and that club’s members are unlikely to be members of the unruly brigade but Braithwaite and I have lived in Scarborough a very long time and see the whole picture.

I hasten to add that although I have known of Charles Braithwaite for many years, I have never met him nor spoken to him but I like to put things in their right perspective.

Charles Agar

The Grove