Tesco will benefit town – and I’m a small trader!

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I AM a small trader in Scarborough town centre and absolutely thrilled to see that Tesco is building the new store on the Dean Road site, and here are the reasons why. As a shopper, more choice, we are only getting what we used to have, ie clothing, this was available at the Eastborough site now Argos, food now available at Westwood, and electrical on the site which is now Wilkinsons. There has been no hoo-ha regarding three stores that Sainsbury’s currently have in the town. Petrol prices will fall as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury go head to head.

As a trader, more footfall in to the town centre with increased parking.

Tesco is needed for jobs and the local economy, so come on local traders, stop being negative, specialise in the goods and services that are not available from Tesco, the bigger threat to local business is the internet. Provide quality and service to your customers, work on building a good relationship, provide the best and you will get repeat business and a good name.

To stop progress is as pointless as stopping the tide, it will happen.

Trafalgar Street West is a brilliant rat run, I have used it in the past whilst working for a local pizza store as a delivery driver, 10 drivers plus all the taxi firms, so maybe that is where the usage figures have come from, think of the outcry when closing off Londesborough Road.

Come on Scarborough, look to the future, and whilst we are on the subject build a massive car park capable of parking several thousand cars, cover the Open Air Theatre with a dome, make it a year round attraction similar to the MEN Arena and think of all the businesses that will prosper with thousands of people coming to spend money in the town each week. The town needs income.

Denise Mann

Hanover Road