Thank the workers

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RE: GRASS cutting in Eastfield.

Here we go again, people cannot change the way the borough council is run, so they have a go at the hard-working workforce.

J Large should do some research to the size of area this skeleton crew has to cut and find out just how long it is expected to take them, I think you may sympathise a little with them.

Keep in mind also that the seasonal workforce has just started and consideration needs to be shown for them if it is their first season, and they have little or no experience.

Housing association grass is boxed, but that is because they pay for it to be. The environmental services could box all the grass, but surely when this has taken them far longer to complete the circuit, there will be far more complaints about the length of time it is taking them to cut the grass in the first place. So it is a no-win situation.

I think they do the best they can, with the resources they have. I always believe if you can do it better yourself then go right ahead and prove it.

I would like to see any of these people such as J Large try that job for a week, if it is so easy.

Applaud the workers for a change.

S Johnson