Thank-you: Hospital care was excellent

Please could I use the Scarborough News to thank all the great people who helped me when I was on holiday and had an accident on the day before Good Friday?

First on the scene, within minutes, were the ambulance men who could not have been more careful, friendly and reassuring, making me comfortable and lifting me bodily over a wall and into the ambulance.

I have always dreaded having to stay in hospital but, with a broken hip, I had no choice in the matter; however, from the minute I was placed in the hands of A&E at Scarborough Hospital, I could not have asked for better care.

I was given a bed on Holly Ward and was overwhelmed by the love, care, kindness and dedication that I witnessed over that Bank Holiday weekend.

I cannot pick out names, but all the staff on that ward are exceptional people and will always have my most grateful thanks for making my stay in Scarborough Hospital such a positive experience.

Jen Fitton


North Connel

By Oban