Thanks for supporting park and friends

THE Friends of Manor Road Nursery wish to thank publicly all who helped in our recent campaign, particularly the Evening News for the way you covered it.

Informative reports for the public were morale boosting for us and helped carry a message into the Town Hall that democracy is coming back to the borough.

The council’s agreement to pause for thought over the nursery by setting up a working group shows Scarborians that it is possible to change unpopular decisions. It means a lot of hard work and coping with what may seem dirty tricks but change is achievable. And to the many, many people who have complained to me about the Town Hall’s arrogance I say it is in their hands to create the borough they want.

The future of the nursery is unfortunately still uncertain and the Friends feel for the staff in this situation, especially those with families and commitments, but there is now a chance for them to have a say in their future.

All the Friends will be monitoring developments closely.

Thank you again.

Dorothy Russell


Friends of Manor

Road Nursery

Sandybed Lane