Thanks for your brave attempt

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THOUGHT I would put pen to paper and write a poem wording it as if the tree is thanking the people for trying to save it.

The Irton Beech Tree

I’ve stood a century over Irton village majestically,

On this fourth day of October 2011,

Men have been ordered to fell me,

Thanks to Snoz, Ledge, Ganty, Rob,

And Beech Nut too, for protecting me so.

But you knew in the end I had to go,

You saw my life end when my branches broke

Your hearts broke too.

There is a big space where I used to be,

I know you don’t want space you want me your tree,

As I was felled to the ground below,

You cried for me like a weeping willow

Thank you all for wanting so desperately to save me.

From your departed friend

The Irton Beech Tree

Alice Haddington

Mitford Street