Thanks for your dedication

I RECENTLY had to go into Scarborough Hospital regarding stomach pains.

From the moment I was in I noticed how efficient all the staff were. In the short time I was there, they identified the problem and found the remedy.

I was wheeled from X-ray to CT scan by various porters. Awakened in the morning to pleasant chat from the cleaners and constantly bombarded by friendly banter from nurses and orderlies. The medical teams had their finger on the pulse and to cap it all the food was tops.

All these people wherever they are in that chain of industry worked as a team. Those small teams work within bigger teams to help us recover.

These are highly-motivated and effective teams, despite the cuts and despite the car park crisis where I found out that some staff pay a month’s charges for the car park and can’t even get a spot for themselves. Then I find out of course that Accident and Emergency are running around crazy because cutbacks mean the A&E in Bridlington only opens from 9am until 9pm, and Whitby 8am until 11pm (24 hours definitely not).

Take note all our MPs and our lords who seem excellent at filling expenses forms in. Why don’t you cut your wages back?

Has anyone seen an MP waiting in A&E?

Thank you Scarborough Hospital for your dedication to the masses.

Paul Freeman