Thanks for your generosity

AS a father of two young girls myself it was a pleasure to be able to help the missing young girl early last Sunday morning while marshalling on our Midnight Walk, and even more so to be able to let her mother know she was safe!

However, thanks must really go to Giulian Alonzi at the Harbour Bar on two counts.

Firstly, for his huge generosity in supporting our walk for the last four years, catering for over 2,500 walkers free of charge over that period. And secondly, as a result of opening the Harbour Bar again this year the young girl was able to find a safe haven to seek help and benefit along with the 750 walkers on the night from a warm drink and something to eat!

Thank you once again to Giulian and all his staff for their generosity and time.

David Marshall

Director of Funding Development

Saint Catherine’s Hospice

Throxenby lane