Thanks: Gratitude for book support

I would like to thank publicly if I may, all those who purchased my book ‘New Poems for an Old War’ at recent book signings.

Special thanks to Gary and Tina at the Golden Ball, Boyes department store, the RNLI, the British Legion, and other local businesses who have kindly agreed to stock the book, and Daniel Wilkins at the Book Shelf for doing all the hard graft, along with my brother Captain Colin “Don’t tell ‘em your name Pike” Ward, and the ‘War Boys’, who will be taking 50 books across to France when they visit the battlefields.

My aim in composing the book of First World War poetry was to make people aware of the heartache and suffering, endured not just by those who fought, but by so many families, and to share it with people.

It will remain unpublished, thereby enabling anyone to use the verses without fear of breaching some copyright imposed on it by publishers.

The initial profits from the book will go to the Retired Servicemen’s Foundation, an account has already been opened at Barclays Bank, St Nicholas Street, for that purpose, and any further monies from further runs will go to the War Graves Commission.

I am in the process of sending a copy to every head of state, of every country involved in the First World War, including all the heads of the World Churches, I figure they all ought to have a look at it.

And finally, I would just like to say any inspiring writers out there, forget the publishing companies, and publish your book yourself.

If it’s good enough and you have the belief in it, it will fly on its own without them.

After all, in the end it’s the public who decides, not publishing houses.

TW Ward