Thanks: Operation has given me new zest for life

I have just had the most amazing experience! A total hip replacement by spinal block, meaning that I was fully aware throughout and chatting to the anaesthetist - bet he was sorry!

My surgeon was very positive, never forgetting to mention possible snags. They have to do this in this perilous society where lots of people try to “cash in” on someone else’s errors. I do not believe people who take that course of action.

I have met some lovely, dedicated people during hospital visits etc, who are afraid to be their natural selves but scared of litigation. Basically, most people are kind if you are too. Some need reminding that we are all in this together.

I had a major operation, was out of dock in 32 hours and fending for myself with a little help. My wound caused problems but was swiftly remedied as my own body took over and defended itself.

The back-up care from South Cliff practice was superb, and both Scarborough and Bridlington physiotherapy departments were efficient and kind. Pathology staff played their part very promptly too. My local pharmacy at Eastfield take care of me, making me feel special, and the emergency teams must have a mention as they were involved and were their usual, calming, cheerful influence.

We have an excellent NHS service, no matter what people say. I am a trained SRN and like to think that I use my knowledge wisely - albeit in a Taurean way.

I was on my feet pronto and ready to get back to a normal lifestyle after suffering pain, partly my own fault, for many years.

I am a new person. I may be 74 in years but I now feel a new zest for life.

My deep and everlasting thanks and regard goes to Mr R Marsh’s team and to all those who maybe never get acknowledged. I had fun along the way and humour - real humour - is what is missing as we grow older.

Mrs Jean Pacitto

North Lane