Thanks to all at hospital for their care

AFTER SUFFERING hip pain over some time, my doctor sent me to Scarborough Hospital to see a specialist. His answer was a complete new hip and he placed me on a waiting list of about three months or sooner.

Within the time I was sent for, assessed and hospitalised on June 23, operated on that day and from the moment I entered hospital to present day I can only say everyone I met in any shape or form were brilliant!

The hospital is clean and up to date, friendly and any problems or questions were addressed straight away. There were four men operated on that day and we were all of the same opinion that we could not have been treated better anywhere.

So many times you hear people complain about different things that have happened to them but I can only say while I was there it was brilliant and more power to their elbows!

My problem is behind me and I am now up and about again, on one stick for support and that’s great!

Through your paper I would like to thank everyone at Scarborough Hospital for all the care they have shown.

Thank you very much,

Michael Miller

Weaponness Valley Road