Thanks to all at school for your efforts

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MY DAUGHTER moved to Newby and Scalby Primary School from another school in the area a few months ago. At her previous school, sports day was spent sitting on the field, waiting your turn to run in two out of maybe 30 different events. Imagine my pleasant surprise, then, to arrive at Newby’s field to find nine or 10 different events set up. The children were split up into nine groups and spent a few minutes at each event before moving onto the next one, until all the groups had tackled all the different challenges. These included traditional events such as egg and spoon and the sack race, as well as various obstacle races. Points were awarded for every “lap” the children completed on each event, and these were totalled up at the end to see which house had won overall. In that sense, it was competitive. There were also sprint races held at the end, which were optional, but almost every child took part. Quite frankly, after running around for an hour in the hot sun we had that day, I would have opted out too!

This is a format that is used in schools all over the country. I simply cannot understand why this one in particular has made the national newspapers.

As for children having fizzy drinks, that is simply not true, and most schools have a policy of banning photography at some school events. It is a shame, but it is the age we live in.

I would like to thank Mr Knowles, his teaching staff, and all of the Year 6 pupils who put in so much effort, not just on sports days, but at all the events provided for the children and parents.

Mrs Claire Law

Endcliff Crescent