Thatcher: Street name in her honour is premature

My colleague Cllr Andrew Jenkinson always enjoys a good joke and I guess his paean of praise for Margaret Thatcher fits the bill.

He lauds her “success” in reducing the working days lost to strikes, but omits to mention the working days lost to unemployment. Mrs T doubled unemployment within two years of coming to office and it stayed at over three million for five years. On my reckoning (one-and-a-half million extra unemployed x 235 working days per year x five) that comes to 1,762,500,000 working days lost. How many decades would it take to recover that lost ground? We’re still paying the price.

As for naming a street after the Baronness in Scarborough, perhaps she can wait her turn until we have a street named after Churchill and Attlee.

I have found that although Google Maps does not list a Churchill or Attlee street name in Scarborough, there is in fact an Attlee Close off Seamer Road.

But given the fact that we have not yet honoured Churchill 48 years after his death, talk of honouring Thatcher must be around 50 years premature.

Cllr Colin Challen

Labour councillor for Castle Ward

Scarborough Borough Council