The Futurist must survive

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RE: THE Futurist.

I and undoubtedly many others have a lifelong love of our Futurist.

Who remembers Leslie Sturdy at the organ, rising up on stage at the interval, concluding his excellent presentation with ‘From the Time You Say Goodbye’, a song that he wrote himself and back in the 1950s it became a great hit in the nation’s ‘Top Twenty’.

We must not lose our beloved Futurist Cinema/Theatre. We have lost the Londesborough, the Capital, the Aberdeen and the Odeon as it was, although we must all be very proud of what it is today, so we can exclude the latter.

I think I would be right in saying that if we were to choose just one from the rest to stay, it would be our 2,000 seater Futurist Theatre.

With completed modernisation and the excellent suggestion that it be renamed ‘The Jimmy Savile Futurist Theatre’ we would have an absolute winner.

Come on all our true and adopted Scarborians, please give support, and help us bring pressure to bear on the powers that be.

Max Payne MBE

Coldyhill Lane