Theatre: Make it fit for 21st century

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Once again the Futurist Theatre Scarborough is front page news.

This 2,100 seater theatre is well passed its sell by date and I agree that money should be spent on it, and by that I mean knock it down and build a new FUTURISTIC THEATRE able to cope with all able and disabled people from kids to adults. Scarborough needs a theatre like this and I and my family have used this theatre many times over many years and enjoyed the visits from taking in a film, or seeing live entertainment on stage. I feel that our seaside town needs more to lure visitors along with locals to the South and North bays and the town itself.

We are promised a Water Splash World, but at this moment in time I will be drawing my pension by the way people are dragging their heels over the matter, and my kids will be grown up. As a local resident I, like many, have seen many changes over many years and not for the better, the Floral Hall gone, the Opera House gone, the Odeon cinema gone, the Capital cinema gone, Atlantis swimming pool gone, South Bay pool gone, the Corner Cafe gone, Kinderland gone, the Tree Walk gone, and yes Scarborough Borough Council have invested in the Open Air Theatre but you are in the lap of the gods regarding the weather booking there.

Finally, with the bank lending rate so low the future of Scarborough could be bright once more having a Futurist Theatre fit for the 21st century - the council must invest now, the custom is there, the stars waiting to perform at this venue are there, the people want it and Scarborough is crying out for it, be brave Scarborough Borough Council and look into the future and rewards will come thick and fast.

J Large

Shire Croft