There’s no evidence to support bird argument

RE: A Rosbottom letter (published, Scarborough Evening News, April 4).

He invites me to look at the internet under Sparrowhawk - this I have done - nowhere and I repeat nowhere does it state - “It is actually eating alive our song birds from town back gardens feeding tables”.

What the internet does say is as follows:- “British Ornithology Trust - survey funded by “song Bird Survival” discovered over 33 years to 2012 - that there is no evidence that the increase in Sparrowhawk numbers has had a specific effect on song bird numbers!

After the terrible decline in Sparrowhawk numbers in the 1950’s - caused by, in the main, by DDT poisoning - song bird numbers did not show any significant increase. Sparrowhawks. birds of prey have existed side by side for over a 1,000 years, how could this happen if you take a Rosbottom’s ludicrous arguments.

By sheer coincidence there was a piece on BBC TV about Sparrowhawks, the ornithologist on said: “There is no specific evidence that Sparrowhawks have made any significant difference to the number of song birds.

I feel a Rosbottom is a bigot with an axe to grind re the RSPB.

M Maxwell

New Parks Crescent