These traffic lights are a joke – please sort it out

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AS a frequent visitor to Scarborough, I would like to share a joke with you.

The joke I refer to is the traffic lights in Westborough near the railway station and the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

When you come from Westborough to turn left to Valley Bridge/straight on to Falsgrave/or right on to Northway, you are lucky if two cars get through before they go to red. Then there is a very, very long wait before this process happens again.

It is either that or one set is green, the other red or vice versa, this means that you can be trapped between lights in no man’s land, or the first set is on red, whilst the second set is on green and nowhere to go.

Can someone sort out this joke, why has nothing been done about it before.

Maybe it is supposed to amuse residents and holiday-makers.

Mr WJ Whiteside

Hawkshead Road



Copy of letter to Highways Department, Council, Scarborough