Think again on potash mine bid

I READ in the Evening News that an international company wishes to extract potash from a new mine to be opened between Whitby and Scarborough.

This obviously is good news for jobs in the area but I am surprised that our MP and others appear to have given this project their blessing without even thinking about the consequences.

On Tuesday night’s BBC Look North East it was stated that the Boulby Potash Mine further up the coast is hardly noticeable.

Try driving between Whitby and Loftus without noticing it and all the dust and the huge plume of smoke and steam coming from its tall chimney.

One good thing about Boulby is that Potash from the mine is taken away by rail at about 1,500 tons a time, so the local roads only have mostly staff and service vehicles to contend with.

There is no rail link any more between Scarborough and Whitby, so the question of how many 40-ton lorryloads of potash and empty returning trucks would be clogging up our local roads should have been asked before anybody says what a good idea it is.

The railway line from Teesside to Boulby Mine was opened up again from an old derelict track bed with a fortune spent on building new bridges etc.

I can’t see any way in which the old Scarborough to Whitby line could be opened again in either direction, so everything would have to go by road either through Whitby one way, or through Cloughton, Burniston and Scarborough the other.

I hope our elected masters will think hard about this, unlike everything else which has been bulldozed through in the last few years.

Keith Kitching

Filey Road