Think carefully before you go and cast your vote

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AS I am sure Scarborough folks are aware, we will soon be voting in our local council elections.

Before any of your readers simply go and vote for a particular candidate or political party - just because they have always voted that way - I would ask them to stop for a moment and think again!

During the last few years/months there has been a considerable amount of criticism in this paper of many of the decisions made by councillors on our behalf. Particularly some decisions made by Scarborough Borough Council planning committee. For example, the proposed building of a Tesco supermarket on Dean Road, and the approval of controversial building plans at Scalby and Cayton.

What I would say to voters is this: Don’t just vote for ‘A Candidate’ just because you are a supporter of ‘XYZ’ party. If you believe that decisions made by our council are wrong, ask your candidate, are they on the planning committee and if so how did they vote. If you believe the views of your candidate are wrong then don’t vote for them. This is the only chance you will get in the next four years.

If on the other hand you agree with the decisions made by SBC planning committee carry on and vote them all back in. However, if you do, don’t be surprised at the next batch of committee approvals. For you will have told them that, as they have always apparently believed, they may do exactly as they please with your town.

John Milligan

Station Road