This area needs proper, full-time jobs

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Having lived in Scarborough for some years in the 1980s and had to leave to find proper employment.

I came to a crossroads in my life and a need to change so I decided to move back to Scarborough in 2010 to find a new life, new job, new outlook. Finding nothing, and believe me I tried, while travelling 60 miles to work and 60 miles back to Scarborough on a daily basis I decided to move back to York this year.

I have had to do this because of sheer cost. I am not well to do, I am not a high flyer, I am not a massive wage earner, I earn enough to get by.

And the other day I saw a comment on your website saying instead of a Tesco having the land to build on why not build houses to attract workers here.

What we need are proper jobs 40 hours a week permanent ones. This Scarborough has not had in 40 years at least so I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Nowadays all you get is minimum wage 16 hours and agencies.

Sorry whoever you are, houses for workers indeed, show me a job and I will come back, until then Scarborough is a no go area and always will be.

Andrew Ellis

Holbeck Close