This bus service is very important to us

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RE THE saga of bus route 21/12.

As a regular user of the 12/21 bus service, along with my partner, a disabled person of middle age, who can only walk slowly in constant pain from degenerative arthiritis and scholosis of the spine. This service is very important to us, the afternoon return journey is a bit awkward (2.20pm from York Place), but we’ve got a service, that’s the main thing (for now).

The Esk Valley (Whitby) bus, 115 Ravenscar to Scarborough both arrive about the same time, just after 11.05am on Station Road, Scalby, it is a smallish old bus, and not many seats.

We have two caravan parks on this long road, a small one at Field Lane and Scalby Manor Caravan Park, where in the summer season the Esk Valley bus gets full before it reaches our stop, and it’s very rare people vacate the disabled persons seat.

If and when this service is withdrawn, we would probably have a very long walk to the village and Dane’s Dyke, or get a taxi into town (£6.20 each way). I’m a pensioner, I hasten to add, in my 70s, my partner, an invalid, has a wheeled walker to help her get about, which in winter, when snow and ice is on the ground proves to be very hard, or near impossible.

The 12/21 service has been on and off since Appelby’s of Lincoln lost the contract and East Yorkshire took over. Each time it’s been reinstated. East Yorkshire has made time tables so passengers can’t use the bus, so there’s only been, at most, about four or five passengers on, so it becomes uneconomical to run. At one period the passengers used the bus pass and also paid half fare, the times were suitable for everyone, the bus was very nearly full, although it was only running about three days a week, but still the bus company axed the service.

This has been going on since 2002/3, now the bus company has made a statement (Scarborough Evening News March 29). I quote “The bus industry as a whole, is seeing big reductions in the amount of money it gets paid from local authorities for carrying older and disabled people.” For this I apologise most sincerely on behalf of all old and infirm people for us causing so much inconvenience.

Mr Eric Pearsall

Chichester Close