Time to change the rules of the game

I just have to reply to Brian Rutter (letters October 21). At last there is someone who is 95% in agreement with things I have been saying for 20 or more years. We almost share views but:-

1 I would either leave players and managers on the obscene wages they are currently paid (please note I didn’t say earn because they don’t) in which case put them on 95% income tax which would also go a long way to helping the country out or make the maximum transfer fee £1m and maximum weekly wage £1,000. Then we might see a few playing the game for the love of it like Sir Stanley Matthews – and there isn’t a player today who can hold a candle to the skills he displayed for a mere £20 per week.

2 I would completely abolish the January transfer window and implement a rule that once the first day of the season arrives clubs must stick with the playing staff and manager they start the season with and if any of them leave then tough!! they must battle on.

3 They should all be limited to three foreign players on the books and one on the pitch at any time, then there is a chance that in about 20 years time when I will probably be pushing up daisies we just might have an England team again. This will never happen whilst so many good and promising young English lads are being deprived of the opportunity to come through the ranks and make the grade.

4 Wayne Rooney is a disgrace to his country and should never be allowed to wear an England shirt again. Despite his ability as a footballer he is depriving other equally deserving players the opportunity to put three lions on their chest.

Jim Goodman

Howes Road