Time to stand up to idiots and thugs

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RE THE recent acts of criminal damage committed at the Spa, and more recently to vehicles parked in Cambridge Terrace.

I often wonder if the people who carry out such damage to property realise what total morons they are! The answer unfortunately is probably not. You and I see their like every time that we go into town, they have no respect for themselves, so why bother respecting other people. The rest of us pay for these idiots by increases in insurance, or in the case of public buildings by increases in council taxes.

There is no secret to why they commit these criminal acts, it is because - 1: they believe that it is cool, and will improve standing within their peer group, and 2: because they are probably as drunk as lords/ladies on cheap supermarket booze.

This sort of random damage is almost impossible to detect, here I speak as one who investigated many such crimes while serving as a police officer. There is, though, a way to try and prevent any type of crime, it involves every one of us, no matter where we live – if we see a crime, or even suspect that one is taking place, then report it straight away, either by 999 or using the police non-emergency number 0845 6060247. Just make a note of what you have seen, maybe even a photo on your mobile.

I am not advocating a Stasi-type state, but we all know when something is not right. If every responsible person stood up and said enough is enough, it would go a long way to solving an awful lot of the petty crime that seems to be bothering us at the moment.

Nick Brown

Conservative candidate for Ramshill

West Garth