Titanic is just tip of iceberg

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Regarding your recent article ‘Raising Titanic idea’, Cllr Murphy and Jeffels will be pleased to know that the Maritime Heritage Centre at 36 Eastborough will be mounting a wonderful exhibition on the Titanic for three months from April to June. It will contain genuine artefacts from the Titanic and tell the tragic story in full. Last year we also marked the centenary of the launching and had many hundreds of people visit. For your information, it is not only Harland and Moody who have links with Scarborough and the Titanic, several local families also have connections with crew members and passengers.

However, the Titanic is just the tip of the iceberg, to coin a phrase, because Scarborough’s history is packed full of amazing stories and connections to famous events and people which the town fails to promote or use to its advantage. It is tragic that Scarborough, as the first seaside resort in the UK, does not have a museum to celebrate this fact. Fortunately a small group of volunteers are enthusiastically working to save our heritage and promote it to the public. Our centre is not just about maritime history as we have information files about many aspects of the town and surrounding area and we also help people with family history enquiries.

Our recent success in the ‘Voice your choice’ funding scheme means our volunteers can now take a digital slide show out to community groups, schools and other organisations. Our volunteers are also in the process of a heritage lottery application to get information panels installed around the harbour to inform visitors about our amazing past. To this end we would like to invite anyone interested in contributing to these panels to attend a meeting on Wednesday January 25 at 7pm in the Enterprise Centre, Auborough Street. Let’s hope that this is the start of a new era in using our unique heritage to promote the town. The current free exhibition on the 1914 bombardment of Scarborough is on until March and is open Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Mark Vesey

SMHC chairman

Royal Avenue