Tourism matters ... consult properly

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The council needs to be aware of the council tax payers’ mounting anger against not only council expenditure on consultants: £36,000 on a master plan for the Mere, which only the council feels is necessary, is an insult to our intelligence when added to expenditure of previous recent years.

Also how our money is being spent and the lack of appropriate public consultation. Employing consultants, then drawing up plans then telling us how it is going to work, “any questions?” is not the same as public consultation on an initial planning brief drawn up by the council, and asking for questions, ideas, suggestions including the townspeople’s own thoughts and beliefs in what is and is not required. The council will argue that it consulted us on the Futurist.

Actually what it did was spend eye-watering sums on consultant reports, then ran with the ones that told you it had already decided you wanted to do (even though they were littered with factual errors), ignored the one that recommended keeping the Futurist, and sold this to the people as the expert’s model which responsibility dictates you must go with.

The questionnaire it called public consultation was, to those of whose business it is to know, so appallingly bad, that had anybody handed it in at junior management level as an examination project would have failed, miserably. There are some very clever, forensically thinking, people out here, who know a great deal about a lot of subjects all of which comes within the council’s areas of activity.

We are beginning to work together as a collective.

My particular area is business development and management development, and my family is theatre, events and technical management.

Therefore the magazine The Stage, which includes coverage of council owned theatre management and refurbishment and expenditure nationally, is mandatory reading in my house.

They have published already several letters regarding the Futurist theatre: they are about to get another one prompted by this editorial piece.

The Futurist and Scarborough Council is on the national public agenda.

Patricia David

Filey Road