Town Hall: Council is not ‘debt-plagued’

Re “Full council turnout could have axed park”.

You state: “Now UKIP Cllr Cross has said the debt-plagued authority should have called for a public referendum...”

I take issue with the phrase “debt-plagued”.

Firstly, this council is not in debt. We are regularly praised for balancing our budgets, our reserves are within pre-determined levels and external audit opinion regards the council’s financial management highly.

In the most recent report, which will be presented to councillors on Tuesday, the council’s external auditors, Mazars, state: “The council has proper arrangements to ensure financial resilience over the medium term” and furthermore: “The council has proper arrangements to secure economy, efficiency and effectiveness in its use of resources.”

To state that the council is “debt-plagued” is completely and utterly wrong; it casts aspersions on myself and my team and infers financial mismanagement which is potentially damaging to my team and the wider reputation of this council.

I have a personal statutory responsibility placed upon myself as the council’s Chief Financial Officer to ensure safeguards to the public purse.

Nick Edwards

Director of Business Support

Scarborough Council