Town Hall is a drain on the tax-payer’s purse

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RE the Town Hall. The Grade I building is a noose around the tax-payer’s neck and purse.

The cost of maintaining a listed building of this quality is enormous.

The council has the vision, common sense, and is moving with the modern times, saving money, saving jobs, ignoring rightly the years of pomp and civic pride, to compensate for the pressures of Government starving the local authority of funding it needs.

Now a councillor has blown the council’s cover of working with aliens – are they hiding 9ft green extra-terrestrials in the vaults, and how many councillors are aliens, I have asked myself sometimes at cabinet meetings, when they go into a trance or on-another-planet mode.

Now they can move to the Urban Fringe, land their spaceships undetected, and communicate with their iPads.

Maybe we should scan all councillors to know what or who we are electing, and who is running a social enterprise without declaring a personal and predatory interest when they visit other galaxies on expenses.

We are very liberal in Eastfield and do have the odd social alien, but we have vision, and we could do a deal with the council instead of NASA, and think of the publicity, it would bring in more revenue than the Open Air Theatre.

Perhaps thinking Green and climate change would be a better optical illusion than problems on other planets, and maybe ice-cream, burgers, rock, and fish and chips is more a comfort zone.

Graham Elliott

The Leas