Town Hall is historic heart of Scarborough

re: the Town Hall.

In all the discussions that I have heard and the papers that I have read about the possible move of the Town Hall to Eastfield, the most often-mentioned reason for the move is money. Would it were that simple.

First, the truth is that successive councils failed to make adequate provision for the upkeep of the Town Hall (mindset: let the next lot deal with it) with the result that it now needs a lot of maintenance. Had this been done in a timely fashion the problem would not have arisen. But it wasn’t, and it has.

Secondly, the Town Hall is not just a pile of Victorian bricks. It is the historic heart of the town, and we have a responsibility to pass it on to future generations. This is not a responsibility that the current council has any right to abrogate.

Thirdly, as a characterless, scruffy, and undistinguished pile of jerry-built concrete, the old Skipton building takes a lot of beating. As for being cheaper to run, it will fall down sooner than the Town Hall despite the machinations of this council.

Unfortunately past councils cannot be held to account for their wilful neglect of the Town Hall. However, it is not too late for us to rectify the situation. The Town Hall must have whatever is necessary spent on it (preferably with the advice of English Heritage rather than numerous “consultants” who will not get out of bed for less than £1000 per hour). And let the council get on with it, and stop messing about.

The Futurist is a different matter, and should not be permitted to cloud this issue.

Mary Evans

School House

Harwood Dale