Town hall rush job to keep public out

RE: Selling our Town Hall

Our council really does not get it, they are now discussing entering into an agreement with the Homes and Community Agency, whereby they get £3million pounds and the agency gains an equity stake in the Town Hall and Futurist area for development, this was publicly announced on March 16 2012 however a decision has to be made by March 31 2012.

This is indeed a rush and very obvious the council do not want the residents to have any say over this, no consultation, and just to do what they want.

The council is looking at moving the offices and civic duties to an out of town location, known at the moment as Site A, although this is expected to be the old Scarborough Building Society (latterly Skipton Building Society) headquarters on the Business Park near to Morrison’s.

What a stupid idea. Although the council will retain a customer first centre somewhere within the town centre, this move would effectively prevent many people from attending council meetings etc at the Town Hall, but then this is what they want.

This location is fine if you have a car, but for people who do not it is difficult to access, there is a bus from the town centre but this stops quite a walk from this building, making it very difficult for older and less mobile people.

The councillors should at the very least reject this idea, and say this must go out to public consultation, and that the majority of the consultation should make the decision, better still is to opt for a public vote on this allowing all residents the chance to cast their vote in a simple vote such as - Yes move out of town or No stay in the current Town Hall. They should make this a legally binding vote.

Obviously this could not be done by March 31, but that is not the problem the council have been working on this for some time, but in their wisdom (or rather lack of) have chosen to leave while the last minute.

In reality our councillors should just completely reject this suggestion.

It is about time we got rid of the Conservative majority of this town as they are not listening to the very people who elected them, they are after all our servants, and they would do well to remember that.

Malcolm Short

Murchison Street