Town Hall should stay

When the Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government came into power they were enthusiastic to encourage the concept of “Localism”, an idea which seems at odds with our Council’s intention to move its Town Hall to a site several miles out of town requiring the majority of staff and residents to use some form of transport to visit it.

We all are aware of Tesco’s purchase of the former St Mary’s Hospital and council depot for their new store in Dean Road and the problems this will cause with additional vehicles.

Roads into the town are already congested at the many traffic lighted junctions and events over the last week with people panic buying petrol have made us realise how over-dependent we have become on using motor vehicles instead of walking or cycling, both of which can be easily done to visit St Nicholas Street and the Town Hall.

Moving the Town Hall out of town is a big mistake in my opinion and will be regretted for many years by staff who will obviously have to spend more time travelling to and from work while contributing to the congestion and the businesses used by them at present in town will notice a decline in footfall.

Visitors to the new Town Hall will face similar inconvenience as I had friends who worked at the former Scarborough Building Society building and am informed parking was awkward for them and some may have been forced to park in Morrisons car park.

Over the last 30 years Scarborough Council departments have been spread all over town I would like to request senior managers and councillors to please think hard about disposing of the present building with its superb heritage. The Town Hall should remain in the town!

Guy Smith

Peasholm Drive