Town needs some TLC

Annually I return to my home town of Scarborough for a holiday with my wife and kids (we love it). Each time I get the impression the town is in need of a little TLC and innovation to restore it to its former glories, here’s our observations this time.

1) Why don’t the council seek a grant to redevelop the indoor pool site on the North side and turn it into a proper top-class indoor water park? They have the land already and it would be a huge draw to the town even when the weather is horrible.

2) Also on the North side, please get rid of that eye-sore the Military Adventure Park (formerly the outdoor pool), today. How about extending the lake which is in front of the Open Air Theatre so it comes right around? Easily done, and it would be hugely superior to what’s there now.

3) If the council need money, sell off the old Marvel land site to developers. It would constitute the prime residential site in the town and would raise huge amounts of capital. Anything’s better than the current nonsense.

4) Restore Peasholm Park to its former glories by putting the Tree Walk back in. I used to love that when I was a kid, it would cost the best part of tuppence to do.

5) Lastly, can the people who live in Scarborough who own dogs take a vow to pick up their poo from now on? We’ve got a dog and we always do it, it isn’t that difficult. Equally, pick up your litter. Come on Scarborough people be proud of your town again. You should be, it’s lovely.

Michael Dore

Wimbledon Hill Road