Town’s growing problem

RE recent letters about the overgrown appearance of weeds and trees etc on South Cliff and Spa areas.

During the last few years this is particularly noticeable on the Esplanade when growth has not been controlled and various views of the gardens and the South Bay are no longer visible, causing a loss of one of the resort’s valuable attractions.

When enquiring of the council department responsible the reply is nothing can be done because of cliff slippage etc.

Having been involved with forestry it is perfectly possible to control this mass of growth with selective work such as pollarding, pruning, coppicing etc without endangering the cliff stability. Due to uncontrolled growth the position will worsen in the future.

An additional aid to stability would be helped by regular cleaning of the drainage grates which at most times are blocked with debris.

It has been said that within the statutes of the council there are specific areas which have been designated as open views which the council is responsible to keep open, this is confirmed by the many seats donated which no longer have a view of the bay or the sea.

John Clarke