Town’s shops leave much to be desired

Re the report relating to negative comments about Scarborough on Radio York (Scarborough News, May 16).

Whilst I did not hear the programme mentioned, I could not but agree with any criticism of Scarborough shops.

There is no doubt that the town does have much to recommend it, beautiful scenery, history and culture, but it has to be said that shopping here leaves very much to be desired!

What do we have in the centre? Too many bookies, pawn shops, tat/cut price shops, charity shops, mobile phone shops plus the usual high street chain stores. A recent addition to this impressive list is a cut price shop which advertises its presence by what appears to be a movement sensitive loudspeaker, which yells at passers by. How tacky is that? Then we have a soon to be opened convenience store, slap bang in the centre, which will, by all accounts, be selling alcohol from 7am until late. Great! Just what Scarborough needs!

Unless there are some drastic changes, or better still, a miracle, I believe that Scarborough has no future as a shopping centre. Like attracts like, and we are seeing this increasingly in our town centre.

Trisha Scott

West Park Terrace