Traffic concerns over store plans

RE: TESCO development, Dean Road.

I am writing to raise my objection to the forthcoming planning application by Tesco for a superstore on Dean Road.

Having attended a public meeting with our MP Mr Robert Goodwill in the hope that he would support our campaign to prevent this proposed application by Tesco, it was evident from his comments that it wasn’t a case he thought we could win and only offered to look into some of the issues raised ie:

How to mitigate its impact, particularly to how the traffic flows and parking for local businesses.

Relocation of the Corporation Club of which he was unaware even existed.

I understand no environmental impact study has been asked for by Scarborough Council or Tesco. No traffic impact study has been carried out by the Highways Department and from the original planning brief section 9.3 it stated that Trafalgar Street West would not be closed. Having seen the proposed plans by Tesco it is evident that this is not being adhered to.

If the alteration of Dean Road roundabout is changed to traffic lights with further traffic lights into the entrance of the store this will have a severe impact on local residents and businesses within the area due to standing traffic, noise and pollution as well as the safety aspect of other road users and pedestrians.

My concern is also that in the event of anyone requiring the emergency services there will be a time delay in them reaching their destination which could have fatal consequences. This will not only be in the immediate area but will also affect the whole of the town centre due to the build-up of traffic.

Any changes to the road layout in the area which causes a reduction in parking spaces would cause further problems for both residents and visitors .

There is already insufficient parking spaces for people visiting the guest houses in Columbus Ravine and this will have a severe impact on the businesses concerned including my own.

Christine Price

Columbus Ravine