Traffic flow is going the wrong way!

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Whoever arranged the traffic flow at the Valley Road road works?

The traffic flow on Valley Road is obviously running the wrong way and making the flow on Seamer Road far worse than it needs to be.

How come this is being allowed to continue like this?

The lights are constantly turning red to traffic on Seamer Road to let nothing come out of Valley Road, because the traffic hasn’t been allowed to come out here.

These road works are going to last several weeks, so traffic coming from Seamer should be directed to come down St James Road. With traffic in the roadworks reversing to go out. As it is there isn’t a logical way of diverting on to Seamer Road.

How come the police, bus drivers, taxi drivers etc - haven’t seen the error of this situation and had it put right? The councils obviously don’t know any better.

M Snowdon

Oriel Crescent