Traffic problem: Solutions to speeding issue

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For as many years as I can recall, cars, delivery vans and lorries and public transport vehicles have crashed through Scalby with little or no regard for the speed limit in an area lit with street lamps, a built up area, as they used to call it when you took your driving test.

If you passed, you would be expected to know that a combination of road signs and common sense would ensure you knew what speed you should be doing and if you broke the limit and there was a police officer around, you could expect a few points on your licence - for five years, as it stands currently. Your insurance would not be as cheap to renew as you’d hope, and I reckon I’m right in saying that for the period of time you were speeding, your insurance would be invalid. Bit scary if you were a bus passenger, eh? Or an otherwise law abiding motorist.

The police are under great pressure to do things on a dwindling budget so they find it easier to take out an advert in the paper from time to time letting potential law breakers know where they’ll be at a particular time and date. Trouble is, it’s never Scalby.

We have a sign opposite the community hall that used to light up when speeding motorists approached, erected by North Yorkshire County Council and now only working to let motorists leaving Scarborough know they’re breaking the law. The southbound light on the way in has failed and a representative from the county council told me it may be too expensive either to repair or replace. Someone’s going to get hurt; hope not, but sadly that’s the criteria for action.

Except, since building started on the new estate that’s making life difficult for people on Station Road, a thought’s occurred to me that could go a long way towards saving public money and maybe even a life.

There’s going to be lots more traffic using the already horrifically dangerous and difficult to judge intersection where Scalby High Street, the A171 and Station Road intersect. So I’m hoping one of the planning conditions is for the developers to pay for traffic lights. Wow, would that have the desired effect? A real force for good, eh? Public spirited and above all, sensible. I haven’t asked them but be sure I will.

I’m also asking the supermarket and high street retailers, the container transporters and two bus companies - one which has several school contracts - to check their drivers’ tachographs, which along with the GPS monitoring they mostly have these days will demonstrate without doubt that they’re putting lives in jeopardy, all because the county council doesn’t seem too fussed and the police would rather do whatever it is on Seamer Road occasionally.

As the introduction of traffic lights may be considered unimportant in distant Northallerton, maybe we could at least have one of those sobering signs that tells you exactly how fast you are going - no substitute for sensible lights but a close second.

If they won’t do something about it, maybe a spot of exposure on You Tube might focus their minds a bit. I bet Victor Meldrew wished he’d been able to use IT to mither on about stuff.

Mat Watkinson

Scalby Road