Traffic: Road needs a cycle track

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A few years ago, at great expense to local council tax payers, a new cycle track was constructed along the A64 between the Seamer roundabout and the Staxton roundabout. I have no statistics, but usage of this cycle track must be very small, limited to a few leisure cyclists and the odd commuter.

On the other hand, Cayton Low Road is a very busy cycle route with employees of Plaxton’s, McCains, and many other businesses using this road on a daily basis. There is no special provision for cyclists along this stretch of road, which means either cycling on the pavement, or taking your life into your own hands every day whilst cycling on the road. Perhaps a better use of our council tax would be to provide a cycle path that would be used every day, by hundreds of cyclists needing a safe means of getting to and from their place of work.

As many businesses are promoting the purchasing of cycles through the government’s cycle to work scheme, it would be great if there was somewhere to ride them in safety.

Steve Topham