Traffic: State of roads is appalling

RE article on parking (August 22).

The article states, ‘parking charges which are designed to cover the cost of road services and filling potholes’.

Yet the council state, ‘fund council services for the residents and visitors as well as allowing in to invest in car parking improvements like CCTV or new payment machines for example’.

Is it not the duty of the council through North Yorkshire County Council to provide road surfaces that are safe to drive on so one can park up safely?

There will be residents across the borough who drive on local roads that are worse than a third world country’s roads.

Possibly two of the worst examples of Scarborough roads are Dean Road from Columbus Ravine to Castle Road and Seamer Road from Barrys Lane to the traffic lights at the junction of West Bank and Valley Road.

Seamer Road is simply nothing but patches and potholes yet from Barrys Lane going out to Musham Bank roundabout all resurfaced and in parts for the second time recently.

In Outer Mongolia or the Australian Outback or some desolate area of Africa one would expect these sorts of roads. It really is time the council got their act together and made the roads in Scarborough safe to drive on.

As for the wardens, they seem to have ‘comfort zones’ that they are reluctant to move out of.

PJS Waller

Woodville Avenue