Training is key for catering success

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AS MY wife owns and manages a cafe/bistro in the town centre I wasn’t really surprised to see the low ratings given for local food establishments.

My wife and I received full professional catering training from Whitbreads in managing large pub restaurants before coming to Scarborough and the issue is, I believe, quite simply one of daily training and appraisal on the job and professional management even for a small establishment.

It appears that far too many people think that catering is an easy way of making money without a major investment in time or money. The truth is that you cannot successfully run any food establishment without a combination of professional training as well as professional catering equipment, it cannot be done with domestic equipment or poorly trained staff.

Far too many establishments are run and staffed by immature people who have neither the training or the management expertise required, this is done to keep costs down and maximise profits. There is no direct relationship between price and quality as some of the low rated establishments were at the upper end of the price scale.

The comments by one of the managers was appalling. “As soon as we were told what our problems were we sorted them immediately”. If you are in catering management you should be fully aware on a daily basis of any health and safety or hygiene problems, it is what your business is all about. Not knowing is no defence and my belief is that higher levels of training and higher penalties, quickly and effectively applied, is the long term answer.

Well done Scarborough Environmental Services, bringing these low standards to the public notice will help the town’s prospects especially within a location that relies heavily on tourists. Unfortunately I think that they will forget the story very quickly!

Chris Tinker

Mill Lane

Cayton Bay