Transport: Airships are the answer!

It is unbelievable that 30 years ago mobile phones had not been invented! Yet, today there are more registered mobiles than there were people living in the UK at the last Census.

The latest smart phones have such a very large database that it has completely changed our communication, and information systems to name but two of the many programmes that are now available on this latest technology.

It is impossible to imagine what new developments, and inventions, will be discovered in the next 30 years, so to contemplate building a new HS2 railway system at an estimated cost of £60 billion to save a few minutes of a few executives’ travelling time, when there is technology available to carry out face to face discussions in either party’s board rooms.

However, for those wanting opulent luxury when travelling maybe we should investigate the airship as a means of transporting goods and people. No need to dig up the countryside for roads or railtracks, no massive runways or enormous terminals. With new safe gases, modern, light tensile steel, new propulsion units, massive savings would be achieved.

Mr AG Brignall

Hall Park Grove