Transport: Get the facts right about Park and Ride

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I wish to reply to the comment in the Scarborough News (February 6), from John Gregory regarding the Scarborough Park and Ride.

As a Scarborough Park and Ride driver myself, I wish that John Gregory would get his facts correct. He “estimates” that there are 12 buses for both Park and Ride sites and most run empty!

Through your paper could I tell John Gregory, that there has NEVER been 12 buses for both Park and Ride sites from its start on February 14, 2009. EYMS bought six buses for this new route (three per site). Over two years ago this was reduced to four buses (two per site) operating at 15 minute intervals.

As Scarborough is a seaside town, during the winter months, there are fewer visitors, unlike the summer, ie Easter to the end of October, when the Park and Ride is extremely busy, with every bus having a full standing load, both from the sites, and back.

Also he mentioned closing the Filey Road site and using Seamer Road.

The Filey Road site is extremely busy during the high season, due to the nearby holiday parks.

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