Transport: Tuk tuk - too too many safety issues?

Re ‘Business Plan laid out to operate tuk tuks round Marine Drive’ (Scarborough News, November 13).

I was a little amazed to see over half a page, including a picture of a three wheeled electric tuk tuk vehicle. Then read about this novel mode of transport, its business plan idea that has been put to the borough council and the county council, to operate around the Marine Drive, Peasholm and to the Sea Life Centre.

At the time this article was printed the Scarborough Borough Council Licensing Department were unaware of any so-called business plan idea being submitted to them.

As you stated, “This Tuk Tuk, does not fall into any of the current transport categories”, including the Scarborough Borough Council’s own stringent licensing policy on private hire and Hackney carriage vehicles.

All applications that do not comply with the standard criteria would be considered on its own merits by the licensing sub committee consisting of only three councillors and not the full licensing committee of 15 councillors.

If the safety of the travelling public is of prime importance to the licensing officers and elected councillors of Scarborough, why is this most serious issue only being discussed by three councillors and not the full licensing committee, as one would expect on such an issue.

The safety of the public is one of this council’s own main strategy objectives, keeping the public safe.

The council’s own licensing policy states that all taxis and private hire vehicles must have four wheels and four doors, not to mention a fixed roof where passengers would not fall through, if the vehicle were to tip over.

Is the public’s safety being put at risk if only three councillors are debating this licensing application if and when it arrives, instead of the full licensing committee?

Phil McDonald


Sea Side Taxis