Tree cost is unbelievable

RE: IRTON tree removal cost.

The grotesque figure of £250,000 that we are all having to pay for via our council tax, for a decision whether or not to chop a tree down in Irton, is utterly beyond belief!

First of all, thank you to the Evening News for bringing this unforgivable situation to our attention.

Please can we insist on seeing a detailed breakdown as to how this staggering figure was arrived at?

Cllr Colin Challen stated: “On top of the money spent by the County Council on legal fees, we will face another bill for the borough council’s costs.”

Can we be advised just how much this will be? How right he is in saying that this small fortune could have been spent keeping libraries open. Virtually everyone paying council tax must be utterly disgusted with it all.

Max Payne MBE

Coldyhill Lane