Tree should be saved and not felled

I was delighted to read a leaflet issued by North Yorkshire County Council communication unit urging the public to join their ecology team in identifying veteran trees within the county.

The team, along with North Yorkshire Biodiversity Action Group, are keen to identify these trees, and to celebrate them, and make sure that they are saved and correctly managed. The Woodland Trust are also keen to do the same, and started a similar programme some years ago.

In our village of Irton we have a registered tree noted by the trust as a notable specimen, and of this we are proud. However North Yorkshire County Council have an application in to fell the same tree. Ironic isn’t it.

In the case of this particular tree, it seems to me that only the slight problems it presents are being considered, are there no mechanisms in place to balance the benefits this tree provides our village?

The question should be surely, how could we save the tree, rather than reaching for a chain saw.

I challenge Scarborough Council and NYCC who own the tree to resolve the problem, not by chopping it down, but to look again at alternative solutions. Nothing is impossible, it could be done, and the tree carefully managed and kept for the village for years to come.

David Parker

Porritt Lane