Tree Value

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Your readers may be interested in some details of the Borough Council’s planning decision on the Irton tree, when we refused the application to fell it in March 2010.

You can see from the minutes (available on the SBC website) that following expert assessments we considered that:

1 The tree had immense amenity value, having been expertly assessed as having a Capital Asset Value of £75,615.

2 The impact on the boundary wall of the property was not severe and could be dealt with in other ways – in fact removing the tree might cause further destabilisation.

3 The damage to the driveway was minimal and could be remedied without felling the tree.

4 The drains were probably defective before the tree roots entered, and they could be replaced.

5 As it is on a quiet street, there is still enough visibility to exit the drive safely.

It is a huge shame that so much public money has been wasted by attempts to get this magnificent tree felled, when it is obviously loved by the majority of the village residents and any damage which it is causing can be dealt with otherwise and at much lower cost (albeit to the property owners rather than the public purse).

Trees are vital for our atmosphere and for wildlife, and street trees additionally provide shade, shelter, beauty and relief from stress. I applaud Mark Snow and his supporters for their efforts on behalf of this particular tree. Even if they are eventually unsuccessful, they will have done a great service by getting the value of such trees debated in the national media.

Cllr Dilys Cluer

Green Party

Alexandra Park