Tree was NOT blessed

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Throughout the Irton tree saga I have kept a low profile and will continue to do so, but I ask , through the Evening News, that people are fully aware about the service that happened at Irton.

I have said all along that this was NOT a blessing for a tree!

If you watch the video from SEN TV, you will see that this was a service to ask God to bless the community after a time that had been painful for all concerned.

The service was short and open to everyone and included prayers for the village to move forward in love and unity.

The tree was NOT given a blessing.

As their Vicar I will continue to pray for the villagers.

Rev Laura McWilliams

St Martin’s, Seamer, Irton, Crossgates, St John the Baptist, East Ayton

The Vicarage

Stockshill, Seamer