Trees... let there be light

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RE: ‘Stop the Chop’.

I have been trying for over 21 years to get the sycamore trees on the golf course and on Hillcrest Avenue reduced in height, to no avail.

Our ground-floor front room gets very little light, especially in winter. Also we couldn’t have Sky TV if we wanted it.

So how did the council workers turn up in Throxenby Lane without a householder complaining about the chestnut tree?

In our part of Hillcrest, the trees are way above the roof of our house, they were only saplings in 1958 when we bought this house.

Also the traffic lights at the Tesco store on Burniston Road at the junction with Cross Lane – why couldn’t there be a mini roundabout here?

At busy times traffic builds up from Cross Lane to Cleveland Avenue and sometimes beyond and often traffic is waiting when there is nothing coming down Cross Lane, causing pollution and wasting fuel.

Anne Wood

Hillcrest Avenue